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Celebrity Costume Getup Advice!

What is it, Monday? Ok, great.

Heya folks – it’s MONDAY! And you know what that means – it’s time to dress up as your favorite celebrity! Here to help you, it’s … me! With Impromptu Celebrity Costume Getup Advice! Let’s get to it, shall we?


Jon Hamm

This could be you.

You take a plain white t-shirt and write, “hi my name is Jon.” Do NOT include an H. This will RUIN the costume.

Then you take a pig snout nose thing, you probably already own a couple, and wear that.

That’s it. You’re Jon Hamm.


Jimmy Fallon

 You take a plain white t-shirt and write, “hi my name is Jimmy.” Not JIM. And don’t re-use your t-shirt from last year when you were Jon.

Then you get a prison uniform and wear that. You’re Jimmy Felon. Fallon. Close enough.


Jerry Seinfeld

Hey look at you, mr funny guy.

Get your custom-tailored lederhosen or dirndl (the lady lederhosen) and throw that puppy on. Oh and brush up on your German accent.

Then (obviously), you want to get out a plain white t-shirt and draw a picture of a road sign being knocked over. Throw that t-shirt on and … who are you?

You’re Jerry Sign Felled. Jerry Seinfeld everyone!


From my heart to yours, happy random January day costume party everyone!

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