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Celebrity Costume Getup Advice!

What is it, Monday? Ok, great.

Heya folks – it’s MONDAY! And you know what that means – it’s time to dress up as your favorite celebrity! Here to help you, it’s … me! With Impromptu Celebrity Costume Getup Advice! Let’s get to it, shall we?


Jon Hamm

This could be you.

You take a plain white t-shirt and write, “hi my name is Jon.” Do NOT include an H. This will RUIN the costume.

Then you take a pig snout nose thing, you probably already own a couple, and wear that.

That’s it. You’re Jon Hamm.


Jimmy Fallon

 You take a plain white t-shirt and write, “hi my name is Jimmy.” Not JIM. And don’t re-use your t-shirt from last year when you were Jon.

Then you get a prison uniform and wear that. You’re Jimmy Felon. Fallon. Close enough.


Jerry Seinfeld

Hey look at you, mr funny guy.

Get your custom-tailored lederhosen or dirndl (the lady lederhosen) and throw that puppy on. Oh and brush up on your German accent.

Then (obviously), you want to get out a plain white t-shirt and draw a picture of a road sign being knocked over. Throw that t-shirt on and … who are you?

You’re Jerry Sign Felled. Jerry Seinfeld everyone!


From my heart to yours, happy random January day costume party everyone!

My Zombie Roomy (4/10/10)

Did you know zombies can giggle? I sure didn’t.

When I came back from running some errands, the Zombie was watching ‘Searching for Bobby Fisher’ and giggling! It was amazing.

I’d seen the movie before, and it didn’t do much for me. Chess. Board. Genius. Eh. I’ll admit that when I was about twenty minutes into the movie the idea of becoming really good at chess occurred to me – but then about ten minutes later I was wishing I wasn’t watching the movie.

It’s really interesting to me what he was giggling about! I asked him and he gave me this sly look and sort of bit his lip (if he had done that like a month ago, during my ‘is the Zombie gay?’ phase, I would’ve totally freaked out).

If you can think of anything – please let me know.

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