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Grey’s Anatomy, and You

Earlier today I took a quiz, “Can you name every Grey’s Anatomy doctor?”

This got me thinking, am I spending my free time intelligently? Aren’t there countless projects I would like to work on? Aren’t there also a lot of projects I don’t want to work on but they need to get done anyway? Have I ever even watched more than one episode of Grey’s Anatomy?  Why do I ignore, so often, what are far better uses of my time?

I decided to take one more quiz to clear my head. This one is, “Do you know the rules of Calvinball?”

Ok, just finished that quiz and I also failed. This is absurd though. I have read EVERY single Calvin and Hobbes comic! Did this guy just make up random rules to be in line with Calvin? That wouldn’t surprise me. That’d be pretty clever actually.

Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll re-read every Calvin and Hobbes and then resume self-reflection for self-improvement and then I’ll mow the lawn.

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