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Listen Up, Nestea!

Don’t wanna get nasty
Just wanna get Nestea

That’s your new campaign slogan. What do you think? Ok, fine, you’re not immediately sold. Allow me to explain my brilliance!

What do you do with it? Oh I don’t know, sell records amount of tea!! (And sex.)

You have male and female based ad campaigns. See in the male version a young, attractive man implies offering sexual favors for Nestea. See!? Brilliant! Now you understand your new slogan.

In the female version, get ready, you do the exact same thing as in the male version.

It’s already entered our pop culture vernacular … mostly. Sexting, with a minor twist, is the same as sexteang.

You could have that one song, Blurred Lines, as the song in your commercial. Robin Thicke can be your spokesperson.

How am I not already an advertising billionaire!?

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