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My Zombie Roomy (2/26/13)

Still no word from the Zombie. Will I find a group of zombies outside my apartment waiting to devour me? Or will they come over and just hang out and smell up my apartment? Who knows! But, there is a positive and negative from this.

If anyone ever talks about slowly going crazy, I’ll be able to relate really well. That’s the positive. On the negative side … Well, everything else, really.

But let’s not dwell on that! Instead, let’s talk about … Bacon flavored popcorn!

Bacon, one of man’s best friends, but the apartment’s worst enemies (that smell lingers like few can). Another smell lingerer? Popcorn!

While the Zombie has been gone I’ve been relishing these forgotten stinks. Yes, I’m afraid for my life AND I sort of miss the goon, but it’s also nice having my apartment not stink like death.

Why am I making my apartment stink, rather than buying flowers or some other good smelling thing? One, flowers cost more than bacon. Two, bacon is delicious and flowers are (probably) not. Three, the transition back to the stink of death will be less painful this way. See, logical and fun!

I’d stay and write more about my potential impending doom … but I have a sudden craving for kimchi!

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