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Fortune Cookies

One of these days I’m going to make some fortune cookies, and you can bet your fortune cookie loving tushy that the fortunes will be fantastic.

Here, try a few (of the fortunes, not the cookies! you silly goose!):

(Seriously, how could you try the cookies? Do you not understand the Internet?):

(I know I was making a joke as though you could try the cookies but you can’t, ok?, please, let’s just move on and get to the post):

(I’m not even sure I want to blog at this point. You keep bothering me about the fortunes and it’s beginning to upset me.):

(You know what? Yeah, maybe it is writer’s block. And maybe I wish it was an actual block so I could throw it at you because SHUSH with the cookie talk already!!):

(I’m sorry, I don’t want to throw a block at you. I take that back.):

(But hey, what if the block was made out of cookie dough! Haha oh boy, what a wild ride we’ve had):

…Let’s try this again tomorrow, eh friends?

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