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Basketball Player Restaurants

All right basketball players, listen up. You have well-known names, and some of you have names that make me giggle (I am juvenile). You’re rich, that’s cool. You’re probably also really kind-hearted and want to help make me rich.

Glad we’re on the same page on that making me rich front.

Now – what will we do about it? How about you front the money, you provide your name, and I’ll bring a little creative genius. Here’s just one small sampling:

  • Steve GNashables – It’s a tapas place, with a red decor, kind of a hell-themed restaurant, Canadian assist-masters have their dark sides you know.
  • Yow!, Yao! – A Cajun/Asian fusion restaurant for the Bayou City, it’s Casian food!
  • Kobe Bryant’s House of Yum Yums – It sounds creepy, because it is. It’s a an ice cream bar where Bridgett Jones Diary is always playing on big screen TVs. Kobe, I know it’s weird, but give it a whirl, eh?
  • Shaquille O’Veal – Guess what the specialty is … With a first name like Shaquille, it’s not like people won’t know who the owner is.
  • Kung Pau Gasol – An Asian-themed tapas place. Come on Kung Pau, you were MADE for this!
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