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Parenthood/Parent Trap

Recently a relative (and friend) had a widdle, tiny, awww, baby. CONGRATULATIONS!

This reminded me of a rambling note I wrote to my parents a few years ago. Thankfully my mom has the note, because if she didn’t I would have to dig it up and then be disgusted at my rambling, emotionally-tinted nonsense.

I wrote the letter the night before my parents 29th? 30th? wedding anniversary. Of all things, it was inspired by the movie Parenthood. The movie has Steve Martin, so, naturally, I am a big fan of it. Beyond that, it is a cheese-fest which I nevertheless like quite a bit.

My take-away from the movie was this: holy CRAP! It’s impossible to be a parent without screwing up eight, nine, or even ten (million) ways to Sunday!

I grabbed a paper and pencil and began my emotional, rambling thank you letter to my parents. It was a pretty conceited thank you, because it cited my brother, sister and I as proof that my parents had done a good job. I said congrats for three main reasons.

My brother, sister and I have these traits:

1) We have good senses of humor. The important thing here being not that we can crack jokes, but that we can laugh at ourselves. (I’m clearly biased here, but I find us very funny.)

2) We like to learn.

3) We’re nice people.*

*I’m not one hundred percent on this, but I think this was reason number three.

These are very basic things to celebrate, but when you get down to it I think not nearly enough people have these things.

I’ll take this opportunity to again say thanks mom and pop for doing a pretty good job. And when you consider how life can really get in the way, you did a very good job. When you consider how the Nintendo and sitcoms are way more interesting than most everything, you … oh man the funniest thing just happened on The Office. What was I saying?

The OTHER purpose of this blog entry is to say good luck to the new parents – my sister’s buddy and my cousin. Good luck with your tiny, pooping, eating, information-input-sponge-ing creatures. And, again biased, if it counts for anything I think you’ll do fantastically.

This picture is one of my nephews when he was very young (and my hands). I’m the baby of the family and the oldest kid I babysat growing up was 2. I found his size to be, frankly, crazy. But I think it’s good that kids come out so tiny – because hopefully it’ll make you appreciate how fragile they are in every way.

Also, if anyone looks up the definition of sap, I hope this post comes up.

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