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My Zombie Roomy (4/6/10)


I don’t know what part of the brain it is that does this – but I really enjoy combining two words together. Like celebrity names. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes equals TomKat. That sort of thing.

It’s very idiotic, but it’s very pleasing when you get a good combination out of it. If I had to guess, I would bet the same part of my brain that enjoys this is also the part of my brain that enjoys sock puppets and jokes about ham sandwiches (‘why didn’t the guy eat the ham sandwich? Because the sandwich was complimenting him!’ … get it? Like the sandwich is a ham? Would you believe I just thought of that?)

Anyway I wanted to think of a combination for the Zombie and I. That’s when I realized I don’t even have a nickname for him! Just something to call him besides the Zombie. For a while I thought maybe I’d call him ‘Zomb’, or ‘the great Zombino.’

I’ll admit to saying something he did, “was the Zomb!”

The Zombie and I both wish I hadn’t said that.

Anyway, other possible names have been: “the Zoombmate,” “all I wanna do is go-uh zoom, zoom, zoom, with the Zomb, Zomb, Zomb,” (too long a name, otherwise perfect), “Ombie,” (too emasculating), “Z”, “el Z,” (that was a hit for about a week after he and I watched Zorro), “Butt Face,” (he and I were playing co-op on this one video game and … well, he sucks).

I’ll keep thinking on this name thing. Something good is bound to come to me.

Work has been pretty crazy lately so I haven’t had as much time to hang out. What’s weird is this: I think I may actually miss this brain-dead freak. (Don’t tell him I said that though.)

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