The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

De Jour of the Week (2/17/10)


How Bout them Apples

I’m up at the crack of dawn
And last night I drank like a fish
It’s no cock and bull story, either
So here it is: the full monty

I went out on a limb
And went for broke
I had a gut feeling
I’d be in like Flynn

I was off and running
I hit the tables
Papa wanted a new pair of shoes
And I knew I was a dead ringer

It seemed like my sixth sense
Was as sick as a dog
My dark horse pipe dreams
Were swimming with the fishes

It was time to get down to brass tacks
A penny saved is a penny earned
But rags to riches would be my druthers
So I hoped and prayed for some hocus pocus

Down, down the rabbit hole I went
The cards were dealt
I decided to wear my heart on my sleeve
And go all in

(Shhh … there’s a method to my madness
See, I look like I’m not playing wih a full deck
Like I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed
And people forget they can’t judge a book by it’s cover)

Luck was with me that day
The bigger they are, the harder they fall
And oh how the mighty have fallen
And now the coin in MY coffer rings

I wined, and I dined
And I was full of glitz and glamour
I bought clothes fit for a king
I was the tops, and I was spending over the top

The day wound down
Be honest – you thought I’d go all hell in a handbasket
But I’m high on the hog
And I’ve got myself a nice nest egg

Just now I’m as snug as a bug in a rug
I’m quiet as a mouse
And sugary sweet
But don’t stick a fork in me – cause I’m not done

Today’s another day
The early bird gets the worm
Lightning can strike twice
And I always go for broke

Copyright Brad Stanley 2010

Comments on: "De Jour of the Week (2/17/10)" (2)

  1. I’ve seen the lion’s share of poems and… yeah I didn’t have anything I just wanted to add another one.

    Nice poem, loved it. Must have taken a lot of patience to put it together.

    • DumbFunnery said:

      haha thanks … actually it wasn’t too bad … I want to do a lot better one, and I have other ‘idiom’ related ideas which I’ve been too lazy to do

      consider this a first draft (hopefully future versions will be better rather than worse)

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