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A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

On this political night I’ll share a story that is rarely told about Abraham Lincoln. Yes, it makes him seem sexist, but it is a fake story.

In other news – DANG IT! The shuttle launch was delayed til Thursday which is the day I fly back so I’m shafted. DARN YOU NASA!!!


The origin of this phrase points to several possible sources. Shockingly, none of them tell this story. Allow me to relate my personal favorite theory behind ‘a penny saved is a penny earned.’

It was during the peak of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln was with some Union soldiers. The soldiers were, of course, very nervous to be standing near such a great man. Also one of the soldiers had a rather odd fear of tall people, so he was particularly nervous.

Another soldier came running up to the group of soldiers, who were his friends.

“I just saved a girl’s life! She’s the most beautiful girl and I – Oh!,” the soldier stopped short when he noticed the gangly President. “Sir, I apologize!,” the soldier cried out.

“Dude, chill,” Lincoln said. “What’s the chick’s name?”

“Ah … Penny, sir,” the soldier replied, equally flustered and proud.

“So …,” Lincoln said, encouragingly.

“So?,” the soldier said, unaware of Lincoln’s intent.

“Well, give us more details. What’s she like? She married? Don’t leave us hanging man, it’s a total dude-fest out here, I could use a good story to cheer me up,” Lincoln said eloquently.

“Oh, uh … well, she’s not married, sir. And uh … she seems nice, um …” The soldier tried to think of more to say.

“Bro. Listen,” Lincoln started out, getting more courage as he spoke, “she’s gotta be totally smitten with you right now. Just like, boom, that dude is hot because he saved my life. It’s time to GET that mess!”

The soldiers all shared glances, wanting to make very sure of Lincoln’s meaning.

“Guys,” Lincoln shook his head and chuckled at their obtuse minds, “a Penny saved is a Penny earned.”

De Jour of the Week (2/17/10)


How Bout them Apples

I’m up at the crack of dawn
And last night I drank like a fish
It’s no cock and bull story, either
So here it is: the full monty

I went out on a limb
And went for broke
I had a gut feeling
I’d be in like Flynn

I was off and running
I hit the tables
Papa wanted a new pair of shoes
And I knew I was a dead ringer

It seemed like my sixth sense
Was as sick as a dog
My dark horse pipe dreams
Were swimming with the fishes

It was time to get down to brass tacks
A penny saved is a penny earned
But rags to riches would be my druthers
So I hoped and prayed for some hocus pocus

Down, down the rabbit hole I went
The cards were dealt
I decided to wear my heart on my sleeve
And go all in

(Shhh … there’s a method to my madness
See, I look like I’m not playing wih a full deck
Like I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed
And people forget they can’t judge a book by it’s cover)

Luck was with me that day
The bigger they are, the harder they fall
And oh how the mighty have fallen
And now the coin in MY coffer rings

I wined, and I dined
And I was full of glitz and glamour
I bought clothes fit for a king
I was the tops, and I was spending over the top

The day wound down
Be honest – you thought I’d go all hell in a handbasket
But I’m high on the hog
And I’ve got myself a nice nest egg

Just now I’m as snug as a bug in a rug
I’m quiet as a mouse
And sugary sweet
But don’t stick a fork in me – cause I’m not done

Today’s another day
The early bird gets the worm
Lightning can strike twice
And I always go for broke

Copyright Brad Stanley 2010

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