The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

MS 150

The MS 150 is a 2-day bike ride that I will be attempting in April. I will be biking from Houston to Austin.

Say, is Houston the nickname you gave for your apartment, and Austin the nickname you gave for your next door neighbor’s apartment? No, silly. The real cities in Texas. Why bike between them? Well, it’s simple, I hate myself.

Tomorrow begins the class I am taking to train for this (since I never really bike). I am afraid for my future self. Today I bought bike shorts and I am afraid for anyone who will be near/have to see my future self. Those things hug in all the wrong ways. The padding makes it feel like you are being constantly lightly groped in the weirdest spot.

Here’s the thing though … No matter how confident I am that I will look like an idiot in those things, I give it four weeks at most before I will consider taking a picture of myself in them, and then sending it to a random number. I’m kidding about that part. But how frightening would that be? Maybe attach the phrase, “that’s what I thought” or “don’t disappoint Jerry.” That person would change their number pronto.

When I tell people that I am doing a 2-day bike ride to Austin they ask, “how are you getting back?” That’s when I respond, “with finesse.” And that’s when they stop talking to me. But, sincerely, I really ought to look up how we get back.

Hopefully I’ll encounter pretty things when I ride outside, and hopefully pretty people in class (though I’m pretty sure the class has 9 people and we’re all guys).

Wish me luck!

Comments on: "MS 150" (3)

  1. Holy smokes the first class was tough. This whole 180 miles worth of biking thing may be a little bit painful …

    Oh yeah, I really hope the flowers will be in bloom! Then when I pull over to cry I can say it’s to take pictures. But really, that would be very pretty. You should definitely get a bike bink!

    @Camel … I think a video of pretty scenery while you hear me breathing heavy would be the most lovely video youtube has ever seen.

  2. Helmet cam! I’m not sure on the scenery. Depending on the weather this year, you just might get to see all the wildflowers in bloom. And all the people pulling over on the side of the road to take pictures in them. This spinning class is making me want to get a bike too!

    Yeah those were a bunch of random comments. It’s been a long day.

  3. You’ll blog or vlog the whole journey, right?

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