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Adventures in Colorado-ing

My wife and I are the proud new owners of fancy bicycles. This is a big step towards us being classic Coloradoans.

My new bike is fancy, and expensive (in my mind – to a true bicyclist, it’s on the lower end). But it is MUCH nicer than my last bike, which was one of Wal-Mart’s finer road bike offerings.

While at the bike shop the guy helping us/selling us on all things biking would occasionally throw out some bike lingo. We would nod before realizing what he just said was gibberish as far as we know.

“Yeah and it’s good to have a spare tube in case you run over some goat heads and get a flat.”

I laughed because this guy clearly has a delightfully weird sense of humor. But wait, no, he wasn’t joking. Are there a lot of goat head skeletons around here that are pointy and cause flats? That’s a thing? Why doesn’t someone clean them up? Better yet, why are there so many dead goats? Should I be concerned about the dead goat population?


After a bit I asked, “so … what are goat heads?” He laughed and said, “oh let me look it up,” then he began typing into Google and got a little afraid, “… I hope this returns pictures that aren’t …”

But no, it returned a picture of what my wife calls “sticker burrs” and what I call “those thorny things” or just “stickers.”

We took the bikes out for a nice 10 mile ride today and high-fived over the brilliance of bike shorts with pads for the tushes. Ah, comfort.

MS150 – Peoples

Doing what anyone would do in the Texas countryside …

End of day 1! Free beer! Waiting for our 15 minute free massage!


The happiest people at camp (the people on the tables I mean)


Walking to get into the launch line, day 2. This was ~615 am. You could start leaving at 645 am.


The line at ~7 am … we were able to leave sometime between 715 and 730

Dig the shade

This guy is NUTS

Obligatory finish-line photo (cropped at the waist because when I raised my arms my belly showed)

MS150 – Well This Isn’t Good …

My hand is a bit off so I’m not going to do a regular blog post … but I got some very pretty pictures on the big bike ride so I’ll post those for Thursday and Friday! In the mean time, a video that is mostly for myself … to remind my future self to not do a 150 mile bike ride (nah, I may do one again).

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