The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

V.V. Brown sang at the British Music Embassy. Before singing she talked about how she loves music, and her parents were from Jaimaca and Puerto Rico (she is pretty!). After the show the brother-in-law talked about her and didn’t think she’d said that. As she was walking off stage I stopped her to ask where she said her parents were from. She answered. I looked at the bro and said, “HA!”, VV, who had no idea why, also looked at him and said, “HA!” and then she walked off.

At some point E$ suggested I get posters from various places as we went around. An awesome idea because there were some great poster designs – the only problem was the guilt/awkward feeling of taking one randomly. I didn’t think too much of it obviously, because I have 5 now … and there were tons all over the place. But at one venue I stopped a random girl, “hey do you think it’s ok if I take that poster?” The girl responded, “umm, I don’t know? I don’t work here, but I don’t have a problem with you taking one.” I said, “ok, as long as someone ok’d it.” Boom.

Walking along the street Joseph Gordon-Levitt handed us fliers for a movie he was there promoting. My brother in law said, “I loved you on SNL!” (he had been on recently), meanwhile I stared and thought, “man that guy looks like that dude.”

We got on a bus full of drunk music-goers. They were singing well-known songs like the theme from Gilligan’s Island, the Jefferson’s and some Journey song. At some an older Mexican dude gets on the bus. He seems pleased by the singing, and would randomly repeat a line a number of times (there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to it). If I had been drunk, the singing would’ve been great, but since I wasn’t, the old Mexican dude made it great.


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