The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Yesterday I posted quotes from a book I really like – The Great Gatsby. I re-read this recently for book club, and I enjoyed it. I bought a used copy from a Half Price Bookstore (I have a nice copy at my parent’s house, along with all the other books I read in high school).

Normally I look for a nice, clean looking copy – but I settled for this one despite seeing that some lines were underlined. I’m glad I did. The previous owner turned out to be Adrienne, as seen from this stamp. Adrienne is a pretty keen and funny girl, and I would’ve liked to have been her friend in high school.

Hopefully you’ll find her little notes as amusing as I did.








Comments on: "The Great Gatsby, and the Teenage Girl" (2)

  1. Cat Lady said:

    Oh man, I am going to start searching books I buy at Half Price for commentary…

  2. That’s just fantastic. I think I like the picture of a flower drawn under Daisy the best. That or the “boom.” Thanks for sharing.

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