The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

You may be aware of the reference to the ‘honey badger video.’ If not, here you go. And mom, careful, this guy likes to cuss.

If you don’t want to watch it – I’ll sum it up. The honey badger is a real tough guy, he does what he wants and takes crap from no one. Remind you of anyone? (At least, remind you of anyone in the sense that it’s how that someone likes to be perceived?)

That’s right, I’m here to say that Texas was the original honey badger.Owen P. White

I just bought a book called Texas: An Informal Biography. It was written by Owen P. White and  published in 1945, it was one dollar and it’s in fantastic condition. How is that not great? I read the little bit from that link I have on Owen P. White’s name, and I am now actually excited about this book not just for comedic reasons. He sounds interesting. But, I bought this book primarily because of the first few lines of the Introduction. Again, Texas, the original honey badger.

“Texas is one of God’s greatest and most gratifying experiments. When God created Texas He did so with the mischievous intention of providing men who had no fear of Him, if only they could conquer it, with an empire of their own of stupendous wealth and unbounded opportunity. Thus Texas was His challenge to the tall, the tough, and the ugly to come and get it.”

You can pretty easily guess that I read this with a ridiculous accent, and am already excited about a video where I read excerpts of this while wearing a cowboy hat and standing around at a bayou.


Comments on: "Texas, the Original Honey Badger?" (3)

  1. I’m pretty sure that I’m the person who sold that book to Half-Price. So….you’re welcome.

  2. Haha, awesome! I’d like to see you reading excerpts to people in other states or countries should the opportunity arise. People need to be told.

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