The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

australia sign fatigue driving

There were LOTS of signs like this along the road from Sydney to Melbourne. Apparently drivers being sleepy is a real problem, so they have a number of different signs emphasizing that you just chill out and take a nap.

kangaroo road sign australia

How cool is that!? It’s like the U.S. equivalent of signs for deer. Also, I saw kangaroo road kill! Which was a mix of sadness and oh-dude-kangaroo-roadkill!!!-ness.

australia road sign funny

There were a number of these signs … Are that many people driving around Australia, unaware until they hit this sign? That’s a frightening concept, because this was in the middle of nowhere.

australia twelve apostles evil wizard

With the beautiful backdrop of the twelve apostles, how could I not pretend I was some sort of evil wizard?


Comments on: "Weird Things I Saw in Australia" (7)

  1. that was too darn funny! Everything was clear as a bell.

    • Wow! When the page reloaded I could read everything. I thought you had it pixelized or something on purpose so we couldn’t read it. Okay, now that I read it, it really was funny! If you gotta be reminded which side of the road to drive on that far, bad things are soon to happen. I’d really like to the Twelve Apostles in person, it really looks amazing…

      • What the hell? “that far out” and “like to see the Twelve…”

      • At first all I saw was this comment and I thought, huh, that’s an unexpected reaction to this post … but now I get it.

        Yes the Twelve Apostles were awesome. It was incredibly cold and windy that morning, but thankfully I have a lot of pretty pictures and can remember standing there staring very well. I think you would definitely enjoy it out there, and be able to get some really amazing photos.

  2. You know what, I’m kind of proud of the evil wizard thing now. I said that as a little joke, but your guys words of encouragement have made me want to pursue a career in evil wizarding.

  3. You definitely have the evil wizard look down. Eerily so, in fact.

  4. Pretend? Admit it, you are an evil wizard. I guess it would be kind of trippy seeing kangaroo roadkill. Never thought about it before. Oh, and that sign would be there for me. I forget what side of the road I’m on now.

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