The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

I built a fiscal cliff once and it hurt like hell. Fiscal rolling hills are much better. You think those things occur naturally?

No! I have fiscal groundskeepers (and I make them work in skin-tight body suits so they can’t smuggle out the money).

A fiscal cliff. Pft! What, are you going to fiscal hang glide? Get real!

But … I’ll be honest. I built a fiscal cliff at one point. It was a lack of responsibility and unwillingness t

o deal with a tough situation that caused it to happen. You see …

Actually. Fiscal hang gliding sounds pretty cool. I need to see if someone can build me a hang glider with gold coins. Imagine how that would shine in the sun!

Thanks for the chat!

-Scrooge McDuck, speaking from his estate on the United States’ current ‘fiscal cliff’ situation

Scrooge McDuck on the Fiscal Cliff


Comments on: "The Fiscal Cliff, Some Advice" (2)

  1. He’s right on the money. Further I think anyone who can physically dive into money, deserves to be heard on the issue.

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