The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

So, like, Obama cares … But what does he care about? I don’t get it. And why are people angry about him caring? Does he care about stupid stuff or something? And, uh, hello news people, it’s Obama careS … not Obama care. Grammar much?

Um, ok, I’m really confused. A rod plays baseball? Do they mean the bat? Why don’t they say bat? And what does it mean to say a rod is on performance enhancing drugs? Like the bat has super powers? Is it made out of some super tough wood or something? Seriously, I don’t get it.

Ben Affleck is the new Batman? That’s cool. I’ll totally see that.

Comments on: "Questions About the News From Someone Who Pays 5% Attention" (1)

  1. Also, news people, you misspelled cereal. The story should read ‘chemicals in cereal’ not Syria.

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