The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

My Zombie Roomy (11/4/13)

Part 2 (1 of 2)

The Zombie’s Gang and Their Mission or Should I Change My Home Address and Flee Now, or Later?

Remember a while back? A loooooong while back? Here, just go to this post and read from there til you get here, that’ll make things easier.

Ok, all caught up? So you know about the Zombino, his pals, how I thought his pals were going to kill me but didn’t, how I came home almost dead but the Zombie saved my life while driving a tacky truck? Good. Good, good, good.

Now for what happened between Zom the Invaders friendship party and my first encounter with a mass of level 3 zombies. (If you skipped the recap and don’t know what that means, I refer the reader to this post.)

I had started to fear that the Zombie would show up and he’d be with his zombie gang (I can only assume he’d be the leader) and I’d learn that they were ganging up to battle vampires or werewolves or some bull crap like that. Oh man, you have no idea how afraid of that I had become.

Instead it turns out the zombies were coming together because there was a bit of a debate amongst the zombie community in the Houston area. Some of them apparently had the impression that something was killing off zombies in this area. Let me rephrase that, they knew that was happening, they just were divided as to what to do about it.

Some in the zombie community had a “the more the merrier” outlook. This sounds pleasant, but trust me, it’s not. They wanted to start infecting as many humans as possible because then that would reduce the odds of those doing the infecting getting killed, and it would increase the odds of them bumping into whatever or whoever was out killing zombies.

The others, like your and my dear old pal the Zomb, wanted to continue to keep a low and “eat” (that is, kill people) sparingly, and not spread the zombie virus. Basically it was a bunch of level 4 zombies versus a bunch of level 3 zombies.

When I had run into the Zombino and his pals in the woods they were meeting to come up with a plan on what to say to convince the level 3s that they had the best plan. It worked! But only on an intellectual level.

You know how some people can meet and you have two opposing viewpoints and side A will deliver an obviously superior argument for how things should go. And then side B says, “oh yeah, your mother” (so to speak) and they go ahead and do whatever they please? That was the level 3 zombies.

You might go so far to say that the level 3 zombies hated losing to such a degree that they decided to start following the Zombino around so that they could find ways to stop him. Unfortunately this led to me.

(Tomorrow will be part 2 of part 2.)

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