The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

It seems like announcing that you are having a kid in a creative and fun way is a new competitive event. I saw two different friends post that they are “egg-specting” on Easter. How long had they been planning this? Probably years! (They had to get the timing just right. An “egg-specting” announcement in December makes no sense, unless you can somehow make it “egg-specting-nog” … but that sounds like some magical drink that gets you pregnant.)

Moving on.

None of the above is my point – and also I guess that means the title is very misleading …

Moving on, again.

HERE’S my reason for posting! My biiiiiiiig joke. The big joke-a-roni. Yes, sir, it’s gonna be worth reading all this nonsense if you just stay with me. Okie doke. Here we go. Ready, set, joke-it-to-me.

I think instead of saying baby, you should always be very specific and say ‘human baby.’ That way you sound like a real crazy! Take these examples … for examples …

  • What a cute human baby!
  • How old is your human baby?
  • Yeah, ever since she baby-sat her niece she has human baby fever.

Welp, there you go. That’s my post.

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