The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Fedora the Explorer

In this up and coming smash hit TV series you follow the adventures of Zigs (his actual name is John, but he insists that everyone call him Zigs … no one does).

Zigs is a 17 year old boy who loves the internet, trying to prove how right he is, and fedoras. Oh and one more thing – the ladies.

In the show we follow Zigs as he offers lessons in how to live – what not to say in social settings, what not to say online, and he speaks two languages! Fluent in obscure references and English, he happily translates.

“Oh you didn’t get that?,” he says to a group of disinterested listeners, “it’s simple …”

And don’t get him started on an opportunity to “help” a female. “That’s not how you use that,” he says on his second visit to a gym to a woman doing hammer curls, “here let me show you,” meanwhile you can almost hear Ricky Ricardo shouting out, “LUCY! I GOT SOME MANSPLAININ’ TO DO!”

Tune in this winter for a new kind of cringe-worthy that’ll make your insides hurt.

If you don’t get this post – the whole making fun of fedoras and associating them with a certain particular type of guy … I could explain, but it’s not funny enough to be worth the explanation.

Not my WORST, but …

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