The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Literary Themed Restaurant

Recently my friends Airplanes and Battle Toads went to a restaurant called Tequila Mockingbird (which had another restaurant sitting atop it, Boo Radley). How great a name is that? (Both those, really.)

Which brings us to the next question – what would I name a literary-inspired restaurant?

  • The Old Man and the Sea Food
  • Where the Wild Games Are
  • 1984 … Different Wines
  • Brave New Swirl’d? (Swirl might take offense to this)
  • Moby Whale Dick, and Other Animal Body Parts You Wouldn’t Normally Eat
  • Pride and Preju-dis Steak is Tasty!
  • Animal Farm to Market
  • The Odyssea Food – Sweatpants Required, Shirt Optional – It’s Gonna Get Intense
    (It’s an experimental restaurant, instead of all you can eat, it’s all you will eat)

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