The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

June Haiku

June 1 (Thursday)
Dog to the kennel
Her sad eyes as I depart

June 2 (Friday)
Wedding rehearsal
Fellas cracking wise while … what?
Missed an instruction

June 3 (Saturday)
Standing by my friend
Looking at people in love
Is one of life’s gifts

June 4 (Sunday)
Early flight today
My ‘poke the bear’ gene’s still sleep-
Wait, it’s awake now!!

June 5 (Monday)
Work self-assessment:
Or as I like to call it
Bragging with a cause

June 6 (Tuesday)
You’d think she’d been drugged
But no, this is just Jody
Being her best self

June 7 (Wednesday)
Bad bug found in code
Too wrapped up to glance at news
A glorious day

June 8 (Thursday)
Beautiful sunset
Makes you want to stop and just
Try to breathe it in

June 9 (Friday)
DJ Random Soundz
He’s a character I do
To annoy my wife

June 10 (Saturday)
One “day” I will read
“What” trump thinks using “quotes” means
He’s so dumb it hurts.

June 11 (Sunday)
Saw Wonder Woman
Overly hyped DC flick …
And yet – it was good!

June 12 (Monday)
What’s next for bball?
Three teams with just top players?
Plus tons of bad games!

June 13 (Tuesday)
Quick stress level test:
Do you laugh or get angry
At news anchors jokes?

June 14 (Wednesday)
In soccer, like life
Sometimes, step back to move up
Also, flailing’s cool

June 15 (Thursday)
Folks brought stuff from home:
Old shirts, PS games, yearbooks …
Ya know, basement stuff

June 16 (Friday)
Breakfast and brew tour
Then, naturally, a nap
Post nap: Rockies game

June 17 (Saturday)
Estes Park today
National park and some shops
Plus a gift from mom!

June 18 (Sunday)
Cruising around town
After a delicious lunch
I’m a good chauffeur

June 19 (Monday)
Work has been more tense
Lots of layoffs happening
It’s dark clouds and nerves

June 20 (Tuesday)
Candy for dinner?
No, no, no, I’m a grown up
Candy and some fruit

June 21 (Wednesday)
In a training class
Some folks are multitasking
i.e. not learning

June 22 (Thursday)
(Phoning in this one.)

June 23 (Friday)
‘Well, does he sport though?’
‘He sports great, but he doesn’t TEAM.’
Sports talk show cheat sheet.

June 24 (Saturday)
I’m no artist, but …
Good enough for a baby
(They’re blind at birth, right?)

June 25 (Sunday)
Trip to Home Depot
Paint, relax, paint some more, then …
Trip to Home Depot

June 26 (Monday)
You know what’s easy?
Like, I could do it all day?
Not exercising

June 27 (Tuesday)
Stumbling through some code
Attempting to grok React
Annnnnnd time to google

June 28 (Wednesday)
Thai food with buddies
I guess you could say we’re a …
Thai-t knit group …? Ha. Ha?

June 29 (Thursday)
I figured it out!!
Wait … What’s that mean? And … Uh … Shoot.
Square one, my old friend

June 30 (Friday)
Driving through desert
Always makes me want to play
Red Dead Redemption

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