The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Let There Be ART!

Our new daycare routine involves picking up our son’s ‘art’ at the end of the week. I apologize, kiddo, for calling it ‘art’ and not art. Who am I to know? Who am I to judge?

I’ll give you a sample.


There. Judge me for calling it ‘art’ but I will tell you that this was him drawing a penguin. So … you know.

BUT! Wait!

You bring up the fact that babies brains work sort of like they’re on LSD (it’s pretty nuts!). Ok, sure, good point. You cite this article and you mention how, apparently, when you’re on LSD or a baby the brain works differently. Normally the ‘brain works on independent networks performing separate functions such as vision, movement and hearing, under LSD the separateness of these networks breaks down, leading to a more unified system.’

Ok, ok. Fine. Maybe my son is actually a great artist and babies see penguins in a way us average joes won’t. Maybe this is a perfect rendering of an LSD penguin. I really couldn’t tell you.

But you know what. Yeah. Sure. I’ve come around to your side. Why not? My son’s a genius artist. That is EXACTLY what an LSD penguin looks like.

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