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De Jour of the Week (12/20/10)

It’s Christmas. I’m allowed to be sappy. I couldn’t think of a name for this so I decided the mocking myself title. Thanks also to Hendrik who has called me that.

Oh You Old Sentimental So-and-So

Summer’s smiling her sweet sunshine down on me,
And she,
And he,
Now we’ve got ourselves a merry little gang called we

We’re going outside now because it smells so fresh the day must’ve just come out of the bakers
And I’d ask if there were any takers
But on a day like this when a gang of we forms we already know everywhere the world is made up of all-the-sudden movers and shakers

Grab your shoes and take them off
Grab your cares and throw them off
(And if someone dares mention responsibility just scoff)

Suddenly we find ourselves in a game of I-forgot-the-name
The fun thing about playing some game with no name is it’s the same as any other no-name game
The rules are voluntary
But if you like order and rules and find voluntary rules scary
Then fine, the rules are in-voluntary
Just don’t bother explaining them because we don’t want to tarry

Lazy smiles
On tiny faces somehow go for miles

Laughter competes with birds’ chirps competes with the leaves
In the breeze
For your ear buds attention
And did I forget to mention?
There’s some princess needs rescuing, and dragon needs slaying, and magic spell practicing to be done with the gang of we’s imagination

A moment hits and the day freezes
And if it so pleases,
I’ll repeat the thought that just ran through your smart, smiling, sun-freckled mind
Across this park right now a prince was just knighted, a touchdown scored, the laws of physics ignored as you blast off into outer space – and all things of this kind
You take it all in
Knowing there’s no place you’d rather be than this particular when

And he,
And she,
And me,
(Remember our little gang of we?)
Couldn’t be more happy

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