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Early Art Critic


~41,000 years ago, in a cave somewhere in Spain …

Dale: Ok what have we got here?
Ernie: This was done last week by Todd, with some input by Roger.
Dale: Oh I definitely see Roger in this. Yes. His style comes across loud and clear.
Ernie: You say that … almost …
Dale: With disappointment? Yes. I’m SICK of Roger. Roger, you have hands, we get it. Ok?
Ernie: So you don’t like this piece?
Dale: Come now, ‘don’t like’ is such a trite phrase.
Ernie: What would you say then?
Dale: I think the simplest thing to say would be that I find his use of shadows condescending and, frankly, pedantic.
Ernie: Well … we’re in a cave.
Dale: Yes.
Ernie: So … you know … there are gonna be shadows.
Dale: Ugh. You still have so much to learn about being a critic.

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