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Am I An Adult?

This week I am doing no blogging*, and instead focusing on some laziness, reading, beach time, and hanging out with my family.

When I thought about this trip I looked forward to it for an odd reason: I would be doing nothing. I can’t imagine myself looking forward to that when I was a kid.

“So … we’re gonna drive to a place … To do nothing? I can do that here! I don’t have my video games there, so what’s the point of this!?”

In college my reasons were different but the result was the same – vacations aren’t for doing nothing.

But now … Now I’m happy with the idea. What has changed? Have I become … a GROWN-UP!?

Let’s check the “Are You a Grown-Up?” checklist:

  • Do you eat boring cereal in the morning? Yes.
  • While eating that cereal, do you read or watch the news? Yes.
  • When you hear about some optimistic news of some great change that is going to happen, do you acknowledge the news with a skeptical grunt (even if no one is around to hear you)? Sometimes.
  • Do you for some reason always have change in your pocket? No. (Maybe it was just my dad, but I swear every night the same bit of change went on the nightstand, and then back in the pocket in the next morning.)
  • Would you rather spend your Sunday reading the paper than playing video games? Haha Lord, no. (Hey, I’m being honest.)
  • Do you make comments about how politicians are weasels? Yes.

Congratulations, self, you are mostly grown-up. Now go take some “vitamin M” (aka motrin) for the ache in your back you have from sleeping on the floor (when I was a kid sleeping on the floor had no side-effects), grab a froufrou magazine, some coffee and enjoy the beauty of doing nothing.


*I reserve the right to change my mind and blog quotes of my nephews, nieces, and my punk uncle commentary on them.

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