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De Jour of the Week (2/4/10)

A poem to my new paycheck – Texas’ taxes are lower than California taxes.

Helloooo Beautiful!

Just LOOK at you!
(And I can’t wait to meet your friends, too!)
I’m so happy I don’t even know what to do!

You’re gorgeous, you’re beautiful, you’re wonderful!
You light the fire in my very soul!
With you I realize before something was incomplete … and now it is whole.

What will we do, now that we’re together?
We’ll do something great – it’s not a question of if or whether.
I’ll be flying to Arizona, San Francisco, and wherever!

You make my heart sing
With the promise of video games you’ll bring
And pointless crap that two weeks later I’ll look at and say, ‘what the hell was I thinking?’

Oh yes, you and I, we’ll get along swimmingly
Ideas for things for us to do come to me far too easily
Just wait til summer and then … you’ll … see …

Texas. You tricky ho-bag.
My plan has hit a little snag.
My electricity bill will be WAY more here – in fact – my bill will be exactly as much as my pay increase so it all comes out even … what a misleading roller-coaster drag.

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