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Top 5 Signs to Tell If You Didn’t Get Enough Sleep Last Night

Top 5 Signs to Tell If You Didn’t Get Enough Sleep Last Night
Are You a Grumpy Pants? Hmmm?

1. Local news anchors lack of budget/skill/professionalism/general ‘local news anchor’-ish behavior is not funny and endearing but annoying to the point that you turn off the TV.

2. On the drive into work overly aggressive drivers are not given the benefit of the doubt and assigned a reason like being late to something important, but are just plain jackasses who are … they’re freaking kidding me right? They really just cut that dude off twice? And for what, to hurry up and get to that red light? Moron.

3. The thought of having a genuine runny-nose, high fever, weak feeling, sore throat COLD is more appealing because it means you don’t have to leave your home.

4. Part two of the title annoyed you.

5. Having social plans for after work that night makes you angry the first half of the day.

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