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You and Your Dangling Participle

This may or may not be common knowledge … but there is an age that men reach where, when/if they go to a gym locker room … they will be naked as much as possible.

You may have a few questions, let me take a guess at them and answer those.

What Age?
I don’t know. Is it the exact same moment in time for every man? 62 years, 204 days, 3 hours? Is it variable based on your life experiences? Is it related to race, religion, favorite foods? Who knows. But it happens to every man.

Sad fact: one day, I, too, will wander the men’s locker room, towel cavalierly draped over a shoulder, walking like a toddler letting my gut lead the way while my Jimmy Dean is out on display.

But … Why?
Exactly. EXACTLY. It’s not like a, ‘oh I left my towel over there, let me go back and grab it and wrap it around the waist like normal people do.’ No. It is deliberate. The towel is handy, but it’s being used to cover a guy’s elbow, perhaps a kneecap, but that’s it. Minimal coverage is the goal here. But the towel is always handy, letting you know, ‘this ain’t no accident, chief.’

And suddenly the world has slowed to a crawl for these fellas, too. You just showered, you know what you need to do? Make like Auguste Rodin and sit and think. But, unlike The Thinker, think with your legs open. You’ve got to let your New England Man Chowder breathe.

(Gross nickname, right? I’m proud of that one.)

Are They Naked Like That Other Places?
Thankfully, I have no idea. I haven’t notice this extend to public places. And I’m not seeing these guys streaking at baseball games or anything (that wouldn’t be in their nature – streaking usually involves running, and these guys like to look upon the snail as their inspiration in life).

What Can I Do To Prevent This?
If you’re a male, nothing. If you’re a male who is younger and going to gyms, I suggest you work out in glasses. Then, when you go to shower and get dressed you just don’t wear your glasses. Super blind? Super news. Mildly blind? Sorry, you’ve got legless lizards in your future.

If you have perfect eyesight, you deserve this. Jerk.


If you didn’t know this about men and locker rooms. I’m sorry you bear the weight of this knowledge now. I’d suggest eating to forget the pain, but I wouldn’t recommend hot dogs.


Somewhere near this is a naked old man.

An Ode to Old Guys at the Gym

Entering the gym locker room and oh Lord, here we go,
An older gentleman, naked, who I unfortunately now “know”

Old guys in locker rooms, what’s the deal?
With aging muscles showing the strength of veal

While your confidence could be considered wonderful
It doesn’t go well with your breasts, which are plentiful

There seems to be a natural correlation
The less appealing, the longer you take to change without hint of humiliation

There is always the same set of three –
I call them the croissant club, because they’re doughy and pasty

What’s your purpose? What cause do you serve?
What evil have I done to make this what I deserve?

I set down my clothes and begin to change quickly
When a naked man carrying his towel sits next to me

Why, naked man, don’t you wear your towel?
Why can’t you notice my gag-reflex-slash-scowl?

Maybe it’s my WASP upbringing and I’m a prude
But your hairy body is making me come unglued

Taking care not to have my bare feet touch the floor
I keep my head straight and stare at my locker door

Finished, I make for the exit as quick as can be
Head bowed as though I’m praying dutifully

And again, I feel anger and sadness flow
As a naked man cuts me off … going … so … slow

Finally! I’m out the door and ready to work out!
…The images of the locker room croissant club hang about

In a flash (no pun intended), their anti-underwear-wearing purpose is clear
They’re here to motivate, to inspire, to frighten, all to get you in gear

So come on, inspirers and inspirees, let’s all head to the gym!
But I’m going to change at home so I won’t have to see any of them

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