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The Internet is Full of Awesome: The Non-Review

The internet is great. It’s sometimes frustrating for me, as someone who hopes to get published, to find a fantastic website because, frankly, things would be much easier if that wasn’t the case. But, while frustrating, I’m happy that there are great things online – and one of these is The Non-Review.

The Internet is Full of Awesome: The Non-Review

1) Based on your personality, if you were an animal, what animal would you be? (This is not what animal you would WANT to be.)

I gotta go with a hedgehog. I prefer  the night, I can get along with just about anyone, and if I feel frightened I roll into a ball.

[Click the pic to get the joke, click the link above to view the article the pic is from.]

2) Everyone else has a super power but you – What super power does everyone else have?*

This is funny to me on a whole different level. I once wrote a book (that I’ve never tried to get published) with a similar theme.

I would have to say everyone else would be able to read each other’s thoughts and I would be left in a muted world.

3) Why do you blog?

For the fame and glory, doi. Ha ha. I went through a two year period where I stopped writing, feeling that I didn’t have enough talent. I thought blogging would be a good way to shake off some rust. Now I’ve just come to enjoy entertaining (or attempting to). If I can do that I’m a happy blogger. I’ve also made a lot of good friends in the process, which is really cool.

4) If you could bring any ONE item back from any movie – what would the item be and from what movie?*

That’s an awesome question. I’m quite greedy so I’m going to stretch the question to the limits and say Robby the robot from Forbidden Planet. He’ll provide me with everything I need from thereon.

5) What is your proudest blog-related moment?

Having Harry Harrison, one of my heroes write a review for my site. Normally the whole celebrity thing does nothing for me but my inner geek couldn’t be contained on that one.

6) What opposite-sex-of-you celebrity would you want to play you in the movie-version of your life?

Dawn French, though she is a little old for the role.

7) Please provide a question for the next blogger interviewed?

If time is moving forward, but everyone keeps looking back, does that mean the future is really just the past?


*My work buddy L came up with these awesome questions. Though he doesn’t know this blog exists.

Big thanks to The Non-Review for answering the questions – be sure to check out his very clever, funny blog here.

And look for another interview next (month? I don’t know) with!

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