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My Zombie Roomy (9/9/10)

I’m probably over-reacting and this actually isn’t a big deal at all but the Zombie’s been missing for a few days. Four to be exact. He’s disappeared other times for two days at a time, and the first time I got really nervous and worried and actually debated posting about it but then I thought, ‘nah that’s silly, don’t get in a fuss.’

But man, where are you Zombie?

I guess part of my writing this is also the old bus stop mentality. You know, as soon as you start walking away from the bus stop because you decide it’s never going to show up – that’s when it shows up. So I’m admitting that yes, I miss the Zombie, and all this in an effort to bring him back.

How embarrassing for my normally macho self (wait …).

Anyhow. If you see a zombie out walking around with a winning personality, and a sort of sheepish look on his face, and this shuffling gait … Oh!, and that goes by the name Zombie … Let me know. Please.

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