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Scattershot Update via Photos


The garden, hard at work growing approximately two meals worth of food!


photo 3(2)

Train. Wildflowers. Excuse to stop my jog and take a picture? Yep to all three.

photo 2(2)

Finally got to use an awesome wedding gift – the grill! My first foray into grilling was a delicious success.

photo 1(2)

This very tiny little fella managed to get trapped in the window well about 3 times in one week. Thankfully my wife checks religiously for needed rescues.


Flowers have veins? Who knew.

Weekly Wacko Quick Hits

Things are pretty crazy around here, folks. Just take a look!

  • Next week I will be in CALIFORN-I-A all week long! I still haven’t decided if I’m going to post or take the week off. Stay tuned, attentive readers.
  • I learned tonight that bagging and boarding (so they stay in mint condition!) comic books while watching Dexter makes you feel suddenly very creepy.
  • I have recently gone on a race-sign up tear … Signing up for a 10k in August, 5k in September, a TOUGH MUDDER in October (whaaaaat?)
  • To sign up still: 10 miler in September, 5k in October
  • I have decided to try and code an app! Keep me honest, readers of the blog, and ask me occasionally, “hey Brad, lazyface, how’s that app coming along?”


Ok, until next time …

Nerd Observation: The Word Parity

First of all, did you know you can use Google to very easily define words? You can try “define <word>” and wha-la, without a mouse click you’ve got a definition of the word right there!

Anywho, the other day I looked up the word parity (I am a nerd) and it has two pretty unique definitions.

  1. The state or condition of being equal, esp. regarding status or pay.
  2. The fact or condition of having borne children.

What! How can one word mean these two things! Maybe I’m weird, but I find that kind of funny and interesting.

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