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De Jour of the Week (12/6/10)

Shocking Celebrity News!

Well-known actor Keanu Reeves today was shocked to learn that he is, in fact, an actor. Upon learning the news Reeves was heard to utter, “whoa,” and, “so I don’t know kung-fu?”

Reeves, who is best known for playing a rather dim-witted but likable character in <movie name here>, is “eh, he’s ok” by 77% of movie-goers.

At first paparazzi laughed when they observed Keanu’s shock at finding out he was an actor. Then they realized the joke was just “too good,” as paparazzi Joe “I watch you while you sleep” Meyerson put it. “At first I thought, wow what a great joke Keanu!, then I was like, wait a minute … this is Keanu!”

Meyerson then began to quiz Reeves, asking him about what he thought certain times of his life were if not movies.

Said Keanu,

“Look, I took a bus once, and then I decided to never take one again. Are you kidding me? That was so scary.”

“The NFL is incredibly tough. I have so much respect for those guys. Not only do they go out there and play every … whatever day that is, but they also have to work out coordinated song-and-dance numbers in case they get arrested. That’s why after that season I retired.”

“What’s a phone booth? Oh you mean me and Bill! … Look, it was a phase. I time-traveled. Give me a break.”

Meyerson’s last question to Keanu was an important one to fans of this great (actor) everywhere – “now that you know you’re an actor … will this impact your acting style?”

Said Reeves, “I just realized I’m not wearing pants. Is that ok?”

Keanu Reeves fans rejoice, because he looks to be the same fantastic actor we’ve all come to unwillingly and oddly know and love.

[In other news … if you haven’t seen this site I find it pretty funny:]

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