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Say, Care to Be Super Nice to Me?

Recently I was reading a post from Lesley Carter’s blog and I got inspired. The post was all about trying to get more people to check out your fantastic blog.

I have been doing this for … a while … and I don’t have that many regulars or visits a day. Generally, I am content to write, throw it out there, and go on. I don’t do enough to pump up my site, or check out other people’s sites (which then can help get people to come back to your site).

Why? Laziness, I suppose.

I’m going to try and turn a new leaf, though.

My goal for this blog was to get well-known, get published, make a subsidiary income from that, and then become a teacher, (have you SEEN what teachers make?) and derive a huge sense of self-worth and satisfaction knowing that I make people laugh or have written stories that people enjoy. Easy-peasy plan, huh?

Here’s my begging request … re-tweet (my twitter! follow me!) my posts! Share them on facebook (my facebook page)! Give me a great rating at sites like (here for my site) or stumble, or any of that jazz.

Thus ends my HELP ME! post.

Breaking NFL News …

The NFL decided, on top of “micing up” some players, to employ some professional lip readers.

Often during games the announcers would say, “well I’m not a lip reader but I think [player/coach] just said [something pertaining to the game.]”

After some deliberation the NFL decided to employ a few professional lip readers to sit with the announcers and provide even more in-depth coverage of football.

Is the NFL full of a bunch of misunderstood intellectuals? No. Here’s a breakdown of what is said:


Enjoy the Super Bowl! Since I don’t care about either team here’s hoping for a close game, and good commercials.

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