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Art Champions of the World, part ii

Check out the fruits of our artistic labors the first time we (that is Airplanes, Rainbow Speak and I) painted!

French Fries



Rainbow Speak


Laughstronauts (That Time I Made Two Astronauts Laugh)



Quotes of the Day!

“Listen, everybody … the launch is canceled, but fries now only cost 4 dollars and ninety-five cents … for the single ladies.”

NASA Chief Bolden

(I HIGHLY recommend you click on that picture. I bought some post cards from the Kennedy Space Center gift shop but what I really wanted – besides the 100 dollar space-suit onesy – was THIS picture.)

Kid: “I still want to be a monster truck driver!”

Kid’s Dad: “Aim higher, buddy.”

My folks and I toured Kennedy Space Center and got lunch there. We sat next to a couple and their 4th grade son. My mom was talking about me as a little kid and how I wanted to be an entomologist. I said I just liked catching bugs. Then the kids mom said her son wanted to be a monster truck driver. The above conversation followed. I found them pretty awesome and funny.


In other news I did NOT get to see the shuttle launch. This is a pretty big bummer. My parents are still there so fingers crossed that (by the time this gets posted) the launch has not been delayed again.

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