The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.



There are lots of retired folks who are probably making next to nothing, and they have too much free time.


Many guys (probably girls too) don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.


One day a month, an unannounced day, a little old lady will sit in the woman’s bathroom and a little old man in the men’s. When someone tries to leave the little old lady or man will SHOOT the dirty person with a paintball gun.

Thus, the dirty folks are known throughout the world.

Final Result:

You know who not to touch. Also, I giggle.

Secondary Final Result:

I get made fun of for being a 26-year old man giggling in the corner of a bathroom.

Comments on: "Idea" (6)

  1. brilliant. please send one to my office ASAP.

  2. You gotta be careful with those paintball guns. you’ll take your eye out…

  3. Question: How would this solve using the bathroom and not washing your hands while on a paintball gun course? Shall we just assume all paintball players are dirty? Cause I’m okay with that too.

  4. You just solved 2 problems in a matter of seconds…although I predict a vast increase in the number of assaults on the elderly.

    • DumbFunnery said:

      Only the toughest old-folk will be selected … Here’s looking at you Bea Arthur/CorruptCamel.

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