The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

My Zombie Roomy (2/21/11)

The Zombie and I – Chilling

Me watching TV, the Zombie … being a Zombie

Me trying to read, the Zombie hamming it up

The Zombie was trying to tell me to eat healthier – AS IF Zombie!

Sharing is Caring (Talking About Our Day)

[Special thanks to the girlfriend unit – who came up with the idea of the ‘photo shoot’ which led to these pictures and the videos (more to come later this week!). She also did the make up. And she hardly laughed at me, mostly laughing with me. A feat in and of itself.]

Comments on: "My Zombie Roomy (2/21/11)" (8)

  1. watershedmomentum said:

    Hahaha hilarious pictures!!

    Speaking of zombies, here’s the new trailer for The Walking Dead that just premiered at Comic-Con!

    Totally, completely, 100% epic.

  2. The Compulsive Writer said:

    “sharing is caring”….totally laughed! The ghostly orbs are kind of freaky. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Haunting Evidence on TRU channel. The photo shoot was a great idea!!! Still laughing…

    • Thank you!

      SO … if the ghostly orbs is a reference to the background picture … I didn’t think that through completely. On my screen it looks cool but that’s because the blog is zoomed in a certain amount. If you’re on a windows box, if you have a scroller on your mouse you hold the control button and then scroll back one or two … then you’ll see it’s a pic of the “zombie.” There are other ways to zoom in/out of the content on a website, that’s just the easiest to me.

      Sorry for the long reply if that’s not what you meant – but that’s a general note for the world to see!

  3. When are you and the zombie going to realize you’re in love with each other?

    Love the photoshoot. He’s right you know, about the eating healthy thing. A little more protein is all he’s asking of you.

  4. How do you tell him apart from all the other cowboys fans? *cue rimshot*

    Seriously great job on the photos. Absolutely hilarious. Your girlfriend did a great job with the makeup too.

  5. He was trying to tell you to eat healthier!
    Are brains healthier?

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