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DumbFunnery’s Guide to Accomplishing Nothing

Written on my dear, comfortable couch on Sunday around lunch time while my dear wife is finishing up some “toasty turkeys” (turkey sandwiches that are thrown in the toaster oven for a bit to melt the cheese).

Step 1: Sit on a couch next to your spouse (or someone)

Step 2: That someone is watching a show you don’t care about but it’s stupid reality TV which is addicting and also it’s ridiculous and the comedy is hidden everywhere (the reactions, the phrasing, the heightened drama over small things, the catty talk, the way how in every episode someone says “this challenge is really personal to me” … I’m talking about Project Runway by the way)

Step 3: Sip coffee in the morning, sip water in the afternoon

Step 4: This is important: do ONE productive thing right off the bat in the morning (in my case, read some of a coding book or go for a long jog) … This enables you to feel like you’ve earned a little rest which turns into WHAT IT’S FIVE PM?! Well … what should we do for dinner? And then it’s time to watch NHL playoffs and whadya know, the day’s done, just push those to do list items til tomorrow

Step 5: Gotta go, they’re about to kick off someone

My Zombie Roomy (2/21/11)

The Zombie and I – Chilling

Me watching TV, the Zombie … being a Zombie

Me trying to read, the Zombie hamming it up

The Zombie was trying to tell me to eat healthier – AS IF Zombie!

Sharing is Caring (Talking About Our Day)

[Special thanks to the girlfriend unit – who came up with the idea of the ‘photo shoot’ which led to these pictures and the videos (more to come later this week!). She also did the make up. And she hardly laughed at me, mostly laughing with me. A feat in and of itself.]

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