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My Zombie Roomy (2/21/11)

The Zombie and I – Chilling

Me watching TV, the Zombie … being a Zombie

Me trying to read, the Zombie hamming it up

The Zombie was trying to tell me to eat healthier – AS IF Zombie!

Sharing is Caring (Talking About Our Day)

[Special thanks to the girlfriend unit – who came up with the idea of the ‘photo shoot’ which led to these pictures and the videos (more to come later this week!). She also did the make up. And she hardly laughed at me, mostly laughing with me. A feat in and of itself.]

My Zombie Roomy (1/14/11)

As mentioned previously … the video with the Zombie and I. As you will see, it didn’t go exactly as planned.

I *was* going to use The Donnas ‘Dancing with Myself’ for the song – but it wouldn’t let me. If you so desire, here’s that song.

My Zombie Roomy (6/9/10)

I tell you – I’ve never had a roommate who I’ve had so much drama with.

The undead, who knew?

Earlier the Zombie did something – I’m not going to repeat it because I found it offensive – but I’ll tell you it was racist against Hispanics. And possibly sexist. But the racism so outweighed the sexism that it didn’t even occur to me until later.

But here’s the catch – what if the Zombie is Hispanic himself? Then is it acceptable? I mean, it was still bad, and it was sincere and he knew it was unacceptable. But you’re allowed to self-hate.

I’m really curious about finding out if the Zombie’s Hispanic, but the only ways I could think to test were, frankly, racist.

I put on some of the crappy Mexican polka that God knows why people enjoy, and he didn’t seem to enjoy it or hate it. So, neutral.

I put out a newsboy cap, a baseball hat, a do rag and a sombrero and said pick one – and he picked up the remote and turned up the volume (I get the hint, Zombie).

He’s so unresponsive, but I’m so curious now!

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