The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

I noticed something, which led me to realize something I hadn’t noticed at all. Pretty deep, right?

Here’s what I noticed: the Zombie checking himself out in the mirror.

Here’s what I realized I hadn’t noticed: the Zombie has never once looked at himself in the mirror.

I think I’d never noticed the lack of mirror-visits because I didn’t expect the Zombie to care how he looked. Zombies have just never struck me as being too image-conscious. And yet, the amount of dried blood on him never seems to vary much. It’s like how I have a beard trimmer so I don’t have to do a clean shave – he maybe has some blood thing where he’s got the blood equivalent of stubble.

I don’t know where he his on a scale of 1 to 10 in the undead world, but that look on his face when he was looking at the mirror? I think I may need to try and cheer him up. Time to start casually adding a compliment after I yell at him not to drink straight out of the bottle of Febreeze.

“Zombie I told you – pour the Febreeze in your cup first! Also … you look nice today.”

Hm. Better keep working on it. How would you casually compliment a zombie?


Comments on: "My Zombie Roomy (6/10/11)" (3)

  1. Hey, dead people need love too…

  2. I would tell him he looks drop dead gorgeous. Get it!?! HA HA … ha?

  3. I’m sure he’s got some pretty sweet Michael Jackson dance moves. You can start there. There’s also a good chance either he or his family members did voice-over work for the Nazi Zombie levels on Modern Warfare.

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