The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Sometimes in life, you get lucky. You meet someone amazing. You end up dating this person and everything is wonderful and you wake up so excited and happy to have that person in your life. Then, after some time, you begin to see this person not as some source of drool-worthy adoration but as your boyfriend/girlfriend, and that’s that. You lose the awe (with occasional flashes).

It’s unfortunate, but it happens. In my opinion, it’s also a necessary step in a relationship.

On the flip side, you may date someone and think what an a-hole but you lose sign of the a-holery, and you just take it for granted that that’s how things are.

Why am I saying all this? It’s weird, but that’s the best way I can put how I’ve felt about the Zombie the past two months. I realized with some regret that it’s been two months since I’ve written about him but you know what? In those two months some REALLY WEIRD things have happened.

I’m going to be better about keeping you posted about this guy. I have to remind myself that not everyone has an undead roommate, so I can’t be all blasé about it.

This is a teaser of an update. I’ll tell you one quick thing. This started about three weeks ago. The Zombie (maybe some house nearby is being built and he found paint there?) has taken to eating paint. And, never to be a one-step-weirdo kind of guy, he then stabs a little hole in his belly and leaves a trail walking around at night.

I know it’s him because I’ve had to clean my carpet a number of times. Also the path leading to my apartment. And I’ve followed him a few nights (like I said before, I’m very single right now).

(Oh and guess what, the Zombie has no sense of direction! I hopped on my bike one day and followed around his last few nights worth of paint-trails and he goes in so many circles.)

Comments on: "My Zombie Roomy (5/1/12)" (2)

  1. He’s trying to throw you off his trail. I can’t believe you’re being fooled by a zombie.

  2. Maybe it’s not directionless wanderings. Maybe, he’s creating art.

    Glad to get an update after so long!

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