The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Remember way back on Friday? My last post? If not, check it out, it’s pretty brainy stuff.

I mentioned the idea of a TV show. Now, feast your eyes on this potential award-winning, gripping dialogue.

Dentist (smarmy): Hey, can I ass you a question?
Proctologist (pained): Oh God, yes, I guess.
Dentist: What made you want to become a proctologist? Did you have a dog, and you thought, ‘wow, this dog is great – I want to be just like him!’ You know … shoving your nose in –
Proctologist (bored): I get the joke. Thanks for FILLING me in unnecessarily.
Dentist: Oh ha. Oh ha. Ha.
Proctologist: I guess if you had your way a hygienist would hear all my bad jokes, and you’d come in for 30 seconds and say, “yeah, ok, jokes were told, looks good.”
Dentist: Really? A ‘your hygienist does all the work’ joke? But wait … I guess you’re into shitty jokes.
Proctologist: Hey what’s the difference between a proctologist and a dentist?
Dentist: All right, I’ll bite … what?
Proctologist: Proctologists are straight A students … Dentists are average C students … so that’s why you do Canals and I do –
Dentist: Wow.
Proctologist: I just came up with that!
Dentist: I can tell.
Proctologist: All right. Good lunch. See you next week, Ted!
Dentist: All right, Larry. Say hi to the wife and kids!


Didn’t see THAT coming, HUH!? They’re friends, but also enemies. They can’t help respect how clever the other one is in all of their banter. You’d learn more about the back-story of how this came to be on the show, I can’t give EVERYTHING away!

Also, yes, that last joke is a bit much and I was really reaching but … it’s a Monday. What good is a Monday without a joke that makes you feel a little pained?


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