The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.


You know how it goes with the internet. You open a web browser to search for something important, for example, “who is the black dude in Predator that’s not Carl Weathers” (it’s Bill Duke).

Then, from there, logically, you wonder what sort of invisibility cloaks actually exist in real life.

Finally, through this and that and a weird side-trip to visit the grumpy cat (I’m crazy for this cat – she makes me happy) … and then … what do you know? You discover that NASA is plotting a giant outer-space based rave.

They’ve got these SATELLITES, MANNNNN, and they’re gonna, like, project these giants strobe lights and it’ll be like woaaaaaaah and everyone will not be able to stop themselves from like DANCING or something mannnnn.

No, really, it looks like a funny outer space dance party. See?


Does NASA also have vans scattered throughout the globe with giant speakers and a Diplo track at the ready?

In reality, the satellites are there to observe the weather – in particular, tropical cyclones. Click on the picture to read more about the satellites. And, while you read about them, dance, dance, dance!

P.S. The satellites are known as the ‘A-Train’ … come on, clearly dance-inspired.


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