The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Bizarre Job Posting

This article inspired this post … I’ll summarize it: some Russians simulated a trip to Mars, locking up this crew for FIVE HUNDRED and TWENTY DAYS! Painful, right?

Here’s how I’d expect the job posting to go.


Attention, heroes of tomorrow! Say, what are you up to the next 520 days? Do you have free time? Do you like small spaces? Do you feel like the government is watching you, and frankly, the idea isn’t that troublesome?

Then we have a job for YOU!


Short, and to the point, unlike that job. Yowzers. 520 days. I don’t think the bat exists that can poop out the crazy that I would become.

Comments on: "Bizarre Job Posting" (1)

  1. I get crazy if I have to spend more than a couple days stuck indoors. Still, I’ll take the job. Every space trip needs its Steve Buscemi.

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