The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

My parent’s THIRTY-SEVENTH wedding anniversary is coming up. Kudos to them! (And more to come on that later.)

In the meantime, here is a list of anniversary gifts by the years. This list has some unexpected things in it.

For the 37th anniversary the traditional gift is … Ready? … Alabaster. Alabaster! What? Wait … what is alabaster?

Other notables:

24 is musical instruments. You’re at that point in your relationship where you know your spouse, possibly better than yourself, and you decide you want to drive him/her crazy.

27 is sculpture … There are, undoubtedly, rich couples out there who have had sculptures made of themselves for this anniversary, and that is great.

44 is groceries … GROCERIES!

46 is “original poetry tribute”

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You forgot the milk
What happened to the you I knew two years ago?

47 is books … And I have a feeling, depending on how 46 went for you, the book may be an idiots guide to poetry.

50 is gold, so hold on folks, you’re going to get the Midas touch one day!

Comments on: "Anniversaries and Their Gifts" (3)

  1. Okay, so what the heck is alabaster anyway?
    My wife is so easy to please. She warns me before hand to give her nothing but a card (and makes sure it’s not an expensive one). If I do buy her a gift, she appreciates the heck out of it and then returns it to where it was purchased. We don’t eat out much, so a dinner out is gift enough (at least that is what she says).

  2. They have one for the 100th. Who is living long enough to have a 100th wedding anniversary?

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