The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Imagine if life had moments like when you’ve just finished a round of Catchphrase or Taboo. Everyone around you offering up how they would’ve approached something that didn’t work out for you.

“You coulda kissed her.”
“Didn’t you see how she had her arm on your shoulder for like a minute after you guys hugged?”
“It was pretty clear.”
“Yeah, I would’ve done that way different.”

I know it’s pointless but I can’t help but take part in the practice. Why didn’t you reference this movie? Why didn’t you break the word up and solve it as two words?

“Yeah, you could’ve gotten a raise.”
“You definitely could’ve gotten a raise.”
“Why didn’t you at least ASK for a raise?”
“You do know you could be earning more money right now, right?”

Consider it a new resolution, a pointless one because offering up pointless tips is as involuntary as your head moving forward when you sneeze.

“If you had leaned back before you sneezed you wouldn’t have head butted the chair.”

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