The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

And I’d Say to the Aliens

The Aliens had been on Earth a few weeks, and countless people had been brought to them to answer their question but still no one could do it.

The media was in a frenzy over trying to figure out what was happening. They had heard about a question, but it was only rumor. There was debate over if there really was a question, which side was asking the question, if the aliens were even real, and on and on.

Somehow I was called in as someone who might have the answer.

I approached the Alien mothership with fear, reverence, and curiosity.

The Aliens, I learned, had studied Earth. They had studied humans. They had studied our history, our culture, our contradictions, our common hopes and dreams and fears.

And they understood us more than we understood ourselves.


They didn’t understand one concept: loneliness.

I laughed as I said, don’t worry about it guys. I’ve got your answer.


This simple display at Costco answered the aliens question – what is loneliness?


P.S. Happy New Year’s, all. I hope you won’t be spending the night eating a family sized summer sausage by yourself.

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