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Monopoly Pieces

I have a Monopoly app on my phone which is great for plane rides. This past time I played I got beat by the computer which was being controlled by AI. Here’s what I noticed, some Monopoly pieces work better than others for beating you.

For example, if I say with anger, “stupid dog!,” that is a phrase that makes sense. “Freaking car!!” also works.

“Gah, stupid wheelbarrow!” … Still works but it doesn’t flow as naturally to me. Maybe if I spent more time with wheelbarrows it would work better.

“Oh COME ON, battle ship!” is certainly something I don’t tend to say. Also, “oh you little a-hole, top hat,” isn’t something I say but maybe if I was a hipster I might have more top hat woes.

Thimble, iron … Other pieces … You guys get the gist.

Band Name Recipe

I’ve been doing research for bands to see at South by Southwest this

year (I’ll have a post some time soon of fun new songs) and I think I have a simple recipe for coming up with a band name. Keep in mind, this is for a hipster band that probably no one will hear of. Your songs will have less views than a squirrel sleeping on a trash can (who am I kidding, what artist could have more views than that?).

Adjective + Food Item

That’s it! Simple, isn’t it. Obviously you want to go for less often used adjectives, and unique foods.

  • Gregarious Oatmeal

You could even throw the word the in front if it feels appropriate.

  • The Chaotic Quiche

Other articles are good, too. Here’s a few to get you going … Have at it!

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